About Us

Omega Antiques is an antique dealership that has been buying, selling, and restoring authentic antiques for more than 40 years. The owner is an avid collector and has a great eye for stunning pieces. At Omega Antiques, you will find the biggest and most beautiful selection of authentic antique furniture and collectibles.

Omega Antiques find their pieces from all over the world at auctions, bargain shops, other antique shops, and through tips from friends and informants. All the antiques in the Omega collection and shop were sourced only once they were identified as true antiques. All the items in this antique shop come with a certificate of quality and authenticity.

You will find antiques from different eras and different countries at Omega. Most of the pieces for sale at this shop has a fascinating history. Before any items are included in the shop collection, the history is researched and the composition examined and traced to its origins. This is why you can trust that all Omega Antiques’ antique items are authentic.

For more information, visit the pages for FURNITURE and OTHER ITEMS to see what antiques are available at the moment. You can contact the owner or his associates for more information on a specific piece.