Welcome to Omega Antiques’ online antique furniture store. All the antiques in this collection have a certificate of authenticity and quality. You can request a full history and origin information from the owner. All of the pieces are carefully chosen and researched.

Antique Furniture

Revolving Bookcase –$700

The bookcase from 1920 is made of solid walnut and cast iron brackets. It was bought at an auction of the estate of an antique collector. It is in excellent condition.

Library Table – $650

The table from 1890 is made of solid mahogany. It is in excellent condition and a beautiful piece for any collection or study.

Side Table – $150

The table from 1950 is made of solid mahogany. It needs a bit of loving and some polish but is otherwise in good condition.

Bedside Cabinets (Pair) – $600

This pair of cabinets is made of solid mahogany with pine wood finishing on the inside. It has a nice patina and is in excellent condition. Their origins were traced back to 1850.

Dresser – $1200

The dresser from 1780 is made of solid oak and crossbanding mahogany on the drawers. It has three drawers and stands on tapering legs. It is in excellent condition and will be a lovely addition to any room.

Thonet Chair – $200

The chair from the early 1900s is made of beech wood and has a beautiful color. It is in excellent condition and has a lot of potential.

Hall Stand – $920

The hall stand is ideal for a hat and stick storage and display unit. It is from the 1920s and in excellent condition. It is made of solid mahogany and has a lovely Victorian patina with mahogany veneer at the foot.

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