Other Items

Welcome to Omega Antiques’ online antique store. This is the page for antique items that are not furniture and include art, engravings, and other items. All the antiques in this collection have a certificate of authenticity and quality. You can request a full history and origin information from the owner. All of the pieces are carefully chosen and researched.

Gladstone Bag – $150

The bag is in excellent condition and its lock is in a working condition. It is made of real leather and a is truly beautiful piece.

Engraving: The Great Western – $1000

The piece is in an excellent condition and is still in its original frame.

Engraving: Vivid and Waterwich, off orfordness in a breeze – $200

The engraving is in excellent condition and in its original frame. It is a hand-colored steel engraving.

Games Table – $800

The games table from the 1950s is in mint condition and fully functional. It is made of burr walnut ebony and has an inlay of tulip wood.

Tantalus Decanter Box – $550

The decanter box is made of oak and contains glass decanters in mint condition. The lock is in working order and the whole piece can make an excellent centerpiece.

Hatbox – $250

The hatbox from 1923 is made of leather and in mint condition. It has been very well preserved and is still functional.

Croco suitcase – $850

The suitcase is made of crocodile leather and in a great condition.

Engraving: Set of 4 – $1000

The set of 4 engravings centers around excellent horses and horsemen in history. The engravings include names for each subject and are in excellent condition.

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